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Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge

28195 Highway 285
Fairplay, CO 80440

What Makes Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge Unique?

Our primary mission is to provide and operate a refuge destination where Wild Mustangs and Burros are properly cared for yet allowed to freely roam. Additionally, we have a passion to extend the traditional knowledge base regarding their behaviors and environmental adaptation. As a feral reintroduced native species, Wild Horses and Burros are by nature still biologically equine. It is from this nature they demonstrate individualized willingness to establish emotional bonds and relationships with one another as well as with humans. We attentively interact with all of our adopted equine residents to facilitate a deeper understanding through experiences and discovery. We do not consider ourselves a sanctuary, but instead a Mustang Refuge. What sets us apart is our commitment and desire to discover, learn, document and share.

Mustangs and Burros that have been removed from public land still depend on your support for care and feeding. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your tax deductible contributions enable us to fulfill our mission. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. We are continuing plans to develop, improve and expand our facility. We are envisioning a Visitor’s Center as well as a Discovery Center that focuses on tourism and public awareness. With an emphasis on sustainability and conservation, our goal is to achieve greater accessibility with increased education, awareness and opportunity to the public.

We give thanks to our host, Heritage Ranch of the Rockies and special thanks for all who have worked so hard making this a reality. We encourage you to stay connected on social media, share with friends and help fulfill our vision. In the process, we hope you can discover with us exactly how “Wild Horses & Burros Can Change Lives Forever”.