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The Navajo Horses Rescue & Recovery Mission (NHRRM), is a WFLF project under WFLF wild horse rescue & recovery mission. It was first founded in 2013 to raise awareness for the protection of horses and burros on Native lands. In 2013, WFLF had received reports and requests for help from Navajo tribal members, that Navajo government Rangers were storming their ranches, barns and homes, and taking horses straight to slaughter under a U.S. Government funded roundup that had been approved by the Navajo administration.

The Nohooka’ Dine’ (Navajo Elders and Medicine People) opposed the roundups and the slaughter and had unanimously passed a Resolution that states, “We strongly urge the Navajo Nation and U.S. Government, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), DOI, USDA, to stop the desecration and destruction of the Diné Way of Life and Spiritual Foundation by recklessly promoting and supporting the roundup and mass execution of our relative, the horse.” (more)

WFLF began working together with the traditional Navajo people in effort to create an environment that promotes the humane treatment of all animals. Shortly thereafter WFLF received a tip that over two dozen baby foals were discovered in life threatening situations after losing their mothers to slaughter. The NHRRM’s first grassroots rescue and evacuation was then organized in effort to save the baby horses. This was a collaborative grassroots effort which was made possible by the outpouring support of WFLF compassionate constituents. (more)

A circle of support grew behind the scenes and eventually several meetings were held with the Navajo President, the Elders and pro-horse advocates in effort resolve the issues and protect the horses. In the meantime, several months went by with countless horses and burros disappearing, never to be seen again.

Just before the end of the year WFLF received another tip about several bands of young fillies and colts that had escaped the roundups, but had then been captured. Their lives were in danger due to the constant flow of kill trucks being filled everyday with shipments of innocent mustangs headed across federal borders to Mexico for gruesome slaughter. Thankfully, with the compassionate and devoted support of WFLF’s caring and loyal donors, WFLF was able to work out the details just in time to save the captured bands of fillies and colts.