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Great Escape Mustangs

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Hygiene, CO 80533


To provide practical solutions, education, and awareness for mustangs in navigating our domestic world.


We promote and preserve the mustang as a revered icon and encourage the value of the equine-human relationship.


Through a collaborative approach, we provide solutions for previously wild equines in need by offering community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation, foster, training, adoption support and sanctuary.

Our History

In 2011, the dream of developing a new model to support mustangs in need came to life and since then, we have been able to find successful solutions and homes for over 1000 mustangs.

We currently support a wild herd of 30 Mustangs on a private 900 acre ranch and at any given time have between 10-20 horses in foster and/or training at various locations throughout Colorado with our highly talented group of Trainer and Foster Partners.

Our team is comprised of many passionate individuals dedicating their time, energy and lives to the horses that need us so badly. If what we’re doing calls to you, please jump in and join us…it takes a village.