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Making a difference in the preservation of Wild Mustangs in Reno, Nevada

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Nevada Misfits was a movie released on February 1, 1961 with Clark Gable, and Marilyn Monroe. The movie was filmed in Nevada where the Wild Mustangs are now endangered.
Sammy Stern’s family owned large areas of land in this area of Nevada.  Today Sammy Stern is giving back to his native youth home by supporting Wild Horse Sanctuaries in Nevada.  The goal is to create rescue and rehabilitation refuge ranches for America’s wild mustangs, burros, and mules. This is a haven and an alternative to slaughtering these beautiful animals. We encourage you to join the Nevada Misfits Wild Horse Sanctuary movement. These programs offer healing spaces for people to visit, and care for these Mustangs.

Nevada Misfits Cover Magazine with Sammy Stern and Marilyn Monroe
Nevada Misfits Cover Magazine with Sammy Stern and Marilyn Monroe

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It’s donations from people like you that allow us to continue our work to save these wild Mustang Horses.

Samuel Stern, Director of Development

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The work being done to save these beautiful animals is so compassionate and loving. I wish the world had more people like Eddie and Shari Floyed

Milton Lopez

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